7 project called BOT capital in the field of road transport infrastructure by the Vietnam Road Administration management awaits investors. Except Highway Construction Project 6 Three segments La – Xuan Mai has a total investment of 700 billion and Project Upgrade, expand Highway 1A La Son – Lang Co and Phu Gia tunnel construction, there Phuoc Tuong invested 2.300 billion, 7 other projects in the field of road infrastructure investors are looking for are “super projects” with capital of up to a billion dollars. Truong Tan Vien, director of the Department of Planning – Investment, the Ministry of Communications and Transport Thong (GT-VT), 7 “super projects” are divided into two categories: inter-regional highway and ring road network the two biggest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city State. In particular, the field of development of the highway system consists of three projects: The project to build Dau Giay highway –