SUMITOMO SC800-2 80 ton

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Serial: #SC080-1090UP
Max. : 80 ton
Year: 1997y
Houes: 4625h
Boom: 47.8m+short jib
Tower: 44m+jib 34m​
Nice condition
Location in Japan

Call: +84906 827 186

SC800-2_001 SC800-2_070 SC800-2_065 SC800-2_064 SC800-2_063 SC800-2_062 SC800-2_061 SC800-2_060 SC800-2_059 SC800-2_058 SC800-2_057 SC800-2_056 SC800-2_055 SC800-2_054 SC800-2_053 SC800-2_051 SC800-2_050 SC800-2_043 SC800-2_042 SC800-2_041 SC800-2_040 SC800-2_039 SC800-2_038 SC800-2_037 SC800-2_036 SC800-2_035 SC800-2_034 SC800-2_033 SC800-2_032 SC800-2_031 SC800-2_030 SC800-2_029 SC800-2_028 SC800-2_027 SC800-2_026 SC800-2_025 SC800-2_024 SC800-2_021 SC800-2_020 SC800-2_019 SC800-2_018 SC800-2_017 SC800-2_016 SC800-2_015 SC800-2_014 SC800-2_013 SC800-2_012 SC800-2_011 SC800-2_010 SC800-2_009 SC800-2_007 SC800-2_006 SC800-2_005 SC800-2_004 SC800-2_003 SC800-2_002


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